Sioux Falls, SD

General Hours: Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm, Central Standard Time (CST). Initial Specialty Clinic appointments will be scheduled for 60 minutes, with 30 minute follow-up appointments, when recommended.

Department: Avel eCare Specialty Clinic 

Specialty: Adult Psychiatry

Schedule: Full-time (80 hours/2 weeks, 1.0 FTE)

The Specialty Clinic, by a two-way audio/video, will provide specialty services to contracted clinics and staff. Specialty Clinic Staff will work in conjunction with Service Unit Staff to schedule the appropriate specialty care that is requested for the patient. The Specialty Clinic will provide: 

  • Peer-to-Peer Nursing Support
  • On-demand specialty consults by phone or video
  • Provider to Provider phone consult support
  • Specialty follow-up
  • Review results and recommendations
  • Immediate access to Internal Medicine Provider
  • Scheduled Specialty Consults