Medical Director - Specialty Clinic

Sioux Falls, SD

General Hours: Monday through Friday 8am - 6pm, Central Standard Time (CST)

Department: Avel eCare Specialty Clinic

Specialty: Internal Medicine, Psychology, Rheumatology, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Dermatology, Neurology, Gastro/Hep, or Infectious Disease 

Schedule: Full-Time (80 hours/2 weeks (with some variance, as needed, to cover the demands of the various clinical obligations), 1.0 FTE)


The Medical Director of Avel eCare Specialty Clinic will be board- certified in their field. In relation to the Avel eCare program, the Physician will help in the development of the Avel eCare Specialty Clinic Service Line, maintain service excellence in the established service line and provide direction and support to the Avel eCare. The Physician will, in consultation with service line leaders, decide OKR’s for recruitment and retention of sites. 


  • Clinical Direction. Physician shall provide clinical direction and guidelines for the clinical activities of physician, non-physician, and student professional personnel in the Program, including, without limitation, those nurses, technicians, student nurses, medical students, interns, and residents that may serve in the Program.
  • Program Policies. Physician shall develop and periodically review/revise for approval, the Program’s professional policies, protocols, procedures, and standards all of which shall comply with state and federal guidelines.
  • Quality Assessment and Utilization Review. Physician shall participate in the quality assessment programs necessary to ensure the Program’s compliance with regulatory, accreditation, and insurance requirements and shall participate in such other quality assessment programs as reasonably requested.
  • Risk Management. Physician shall participate in the risk management programs conducted by leadership to ensure the Program’s compliance with regulatory, accreditation, and insurance requirements and shall participate in such other risk management programs as reasonably requested.
  • Program Promotion. Physician may from time to time be requested to participate in promotion of Program to the public, physicians and community. Physician agrees to participate in this effort. Physician will be expected to work with the business development team and account executives for sales and customer service. 
  • Scheduling and Program Coverage. Physician shall develop, in coordination with the other affected physicians, a schedule for ensuring the prompt and predictable availability of the professional services offered by the Program. Such physician coverage shall be up to 365 days per year availability.
  • Budget. Physician shall, upon the Leadership’s request, assist in the preparation of the annual and long-term operating and capital budgets for the Program.
  • Resource. Physician shall be a resource to other physicians regarding Avel eCare Specialty Clinic Service Line.
  • Monthly Reports and Time Logs. Physician shall provide to the CMO of Avel a monthly report of activities undertaken and achievement related to contractual responsibilities in the prior month. Physician shall also provide documentation of the time invested in these activities. Failure to provide the report and time log will result in withholding of further compensation until this requirement is met.


  • Must have at least 5+ years of relative experience. 
  • Successful completion of a federal background screening. 


  • Board certified in your specialty is required.
  • Must obtain a DEA certification is required.
  • Must obtain at least one unrestricted state license is required.