Physician - Psychiatry

Sioux Falls, SD

Avel eCare Behavioral Health provides emergency departments, inpatient behavioral health and acute inpatient units with expert evaluations from mental health professionals. Through a secure connection, supported facilities have 24/7 access to our interdisciplinary behavioral health team who assist with admission support, medication management, and assessment services. Avel eCare Behavioral Health Services is currently in 34 sites and 8 states.

Utilization of an innovative interdisciplinary model allows our provider to focus on their work on pertinent clinical decision making and reduces documentation by the provider. Willingness for nocturnal shifts will be given preference.


Department: Avel eCare Behavioral Health

Specialty: Psychiatry

Position Type: Full-Time; 12 - 12 hour shifts per month.

About Avel eCare

Avel eCare is a nationally recognized telemedicine care provider offering the largest and most comprehensive virtual health networks in the world. Based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Avel operates a multispecialty telemedicine network, partnering with more than 650 health care systems, rural hospitals, outpatient clinics, long-term care facilities, school districts, prisons, skilled nursing facilities and law enforcement agencies to deliver innovative telemedicine care across the country.

During the past three decades, Avel has developed eight distinct telehealth services, —Behavioral Health, Critical Care, Emergency, Hospitalist, Pharmacy, Specialty Care, Senior Care and School Health—in response to needs expressed by the communities and clinicians whom Avel serves. Within the past year alone, Avel’s virtual health care delivery model has impacted the lives of nearly two million patients. The efficiency of these telehealth services have saved health care costs and unnecessary time and travel for patients and physicians. On a national and world level, we are a model of how telehealth presents effective solutions today and tomorrow’s most daunting challenges. 

An innovative spirit among Avel eCare employees provided the spark that started Avel eCare’s telemedicine movement and is what continues to fuel our ability to transform the way healthcare is delivered across the world today. When you join the Avel team, you’ll appreciate the dedication, collaboration and support of other highly skilled professionals who work with you onsite in our virtual hospital hub or through our remote workforce.


Every person and every community deserves access to high quality care. Avel’s experts collaborate with local clinicians through telemedicine, to deliver high quality care when and where it’s needed.


Avel eCare serves as a catalyst for change. We are creating a future of health care without boundaries through Service, Quality, Collaboration, and Innovation.